Industrial Baby Bookshelf

Well, I guess it doesn't have to be a baby bookshelf.  In fact, given it's size, it's more like a regular sized person's bookshelf.  A cheap(?) alternative to a standard furniture shelving unit that will last for years to come.

As always, here's a good completed finish:

Let's get into the construction of it now.  I really wanted this to be another "budget" project, but honestly, the galvanized steel probably puts it outside of the budget category.  In fact, if you are or know a plumber.. get these things cheap and sell the heck out of these things.

I'm rambling.  The first step is to buy, shape, and stain the wood for the bookcases to your desired size, finish, and color.  For my project I wanted a heavy duty look, so i went with some solid 2x12s that should really stand up to some kid abuse.

Here are the 2x12s cut to length and getting sanded...

Get the wood stained and finished to your preference.  Now is the time to do this, because once assembled you will be fighting to keep the stain off the metal.

Here is a look at the steel parts.  Iron plumbing straight pipe and fittings, available at both home depot, lowes, or your neighborhood plumbing outfitter.

Once you have assembled the pipe units, start putting the shelves together, one layer at a time.  It is important to keep the pipe units the same length, as this will ensure that each shelf stays level as you stack them.  Minor adjustments can be done at the end, but it isn't the greatest task.

After assembly I put it where I wanted and then attached two straps to the wall to ensure it wasn't going to come crashing down.  If I did it again I would probably get the wheels spaced out a little wider for a bit more stability, but with it being on carpet mounting to the wall is the best bet.

Picture heavy ending with some detail shots:

The End.

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