House Update 2 - Rec Room Bar

The house we bought had a converted garage that really didn't serve a purpose. It had concrete floors, peg board, and a big ugly counter.  We eventually want to turn this into a nice family/game room with new flooring and closing off the water heater with a new wall, but somehow I managed to get building a bar first on that list. Bravo me.

Here's a quick picture of the finished goods.

This project was supposed to be quick and simple. Rip out old cabinet/counter/peg board, paint, and install new stuff. Easy enough, should be done in a weekend. Ha. What follows is a photo trip down the quick bar build that I managed to procrastinate into a two or three week project.

As Purchased... A different take on the "industrial" look maybe?

Annnd.. Old crap gone.

So here's the deal on the goofy plumbing. The house is on a septic system and at one point the washing machine was routed out the garage to it's own drain field in the backyard.  The same line was tapped for this sink drain.  It works fine, but is a bit cumbersome in the garage.  Thats another project for another day(year).

Here's a shot of the modification I had to make to the cabinet unit to get the funny plumbing to fit. Turned out functional.  The cabinets are premades from Lowes that I picked up while they were 20% off.

And with all four units mounted...

For the countertop I needed something financially reasonable while still adding a good contrast to the rustic feel of the cabinets.  The solution? A premade stainless steel top from Sears.  It's built for a workbench and let me tell you the dang thing is heavy.  The underside of it is solid 1" mdf and the thing must weigh 200 lbs. Some quick construction adhesive and a few screws later and that heavy SOB wasn't going anywhere.

I used a jigsaw to cut the hole for the new bar sink, but somehow forgot to take a picture of that one.

What's next? Backsplash. Looked and looked at options, finally deciding on a cool pebble mosaic that Floor and Decor had. Great. Then go to Lowes to buy grout and what do you know- some glass tile on say for 4 bucks a foot. Sold. Decisions like that are hard, but sales always win.

Repainted the wall, put the fridge in place, and there she is. The under cabinet lights are cheapies from Ikea, but so far have worked flawlessly.  The wine glass rack was picked up from Amazon.

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