House Update 1 - Budget Stainless Dishwasher

Times are crazy.  Just as I posted that we were in a house with a garage we packed up and moved again.  I hope this one is for a while. Moving is terrible. Moving with a packed garage is hell.  I'm going to try to keep updating this frequently as we have a ton of projects ongoing and a baby on the way.  That means deadlines... which really helps me (a natural procrastinator).

First on the to-do list? Replace the 1990s era black appliances.  The kitchen is going to need a full blown makeover, but that is going to have to wait a while.  Fully functional ovens and a microwave take priority over some granite.

We started the appliance search getting the necessities, fridge, new oven, and microwave. Ouch. Appliances are ridiculously expensive.  We were left with a half matching kitchen, and that is where this blog steps in.  Converting your still working black dishwasher into a stainless beauty.  In our case, the previous homeowners had recently replaced the dishwasher, so we couldn't justify replacing it just so it would match.

Our solution?  Search and search online until we could find a stainless front panel to swap out.  Easy $100 upgrade to give the appliance that brand new look.  Took a little time to figure out the stainless steel model equivalent, but it ended without any real issues.  A key to look for should you decide to tackle this: Find parts diagrams for the similar models.  GE had one model number for the white and black dishwashers, but changed the numbers up completely for the stainless version, even though everything else was identical.

Here is a look at the project.

There were about eight screws around the perimeter and bottom that holds the cover on. Very challenging.

The control panel slides in place and is held on by similar screws around the perimeter.

Completed. $100, Maybe a 20 minutes, and a fresh dishwasher. Not bad.


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