TV Stand

This project is a TV Stand that I put together for about 50 bucks using all simple pine boards from home depot. I thought about doing some sort of wood combo with a nicer top, but then I realized that the whole thing will be covered by a tv and equipment; so why not make it cheap and easy.  The original idea was to make it with a channel in the back to hide all the cords.  i did this from the top to the shelf, but forgot about the cords from the equipment to the power, etc.  If I could do this project over I would expand on that concept and build a channel all the way from the top down through the center shelf and to the floor.  This would allow you to hide all the wires and leave a very clean install.  It would also need to be a bit larger than what I made as when its all put together there are a boat load of wires.  If none of that made sense hopefully the pictures will better explain.

The first step was putting together the top.  This provided a bit of a challenge as I was working with the cheap pine as I mentioned (and I didn't have a planner yet either).

Next up, building some legs.  The outside four corners and the front center leg are all solid 4x4s that I sanded down to flatten the sharp edges. The center leg back is solid from the shelf to the floor, but a fake leg from the shelf to the top to allow cord access.  They were probably a little bigger than I would have wanted, but again, cheap and easy.  The first picture shows two different leg styles that I was trying to decide between.

After completing the sold legs I began the shelf, the fake leg, and then topped the unit with the table top (with I had been using as a base to build off of)

For the stain I went with a reddish brown minwax to try and match some existing furniture I had.  It worked out alright, not perfect but what can you do?

This next picture shows that fake leg pretty well.

And the installed look:


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